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What's Really Stopping More Clients from Calling You to Sell Their Property?

  • Real estate agents DO NOT need more leads. What they need is a systematic way to manage and nurture leads with the RIGHT message.

  • If you are like most agents you are asking yourself this question every day, “which property can I list today?” This is the wrong question.

  • The new world of real estate sales is about building relationships with people who call you when they are ready to sell. These people only want to deal with you because they have made up their mind to list with you before you even meet them.

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Do you know the 3 key elements stopping more clients from calling you to sell their property?

Real Estate agents do NOT need more leads. The really good agents have a strategy for nurturing relationships.

If you are like most agents you are asking yourself this question daily, “which property can I list today?”

This is the wrong question if you want to really succeed in real estate sales. The right question is “how do I build relationships with more people that I want to work with, in leveraged ways?”

Transactions are what short sighted agents focus on, relationships are the focus of agents playing the long game, these are the agents that win.

If you take a peek at the back end of any agent you think “looks” successful you will be surprised by how hard that person or company works. Yet the perception is that people wanting to list today just call those agents in. To some extent the market dominating agents do get calls but if they didn’t do the massive amounts of work, spend big on marketing and have teams of people supporting them, they would not look anywhere near as successful as they do.

What’s more interesting, if you were to know the truth about how much it really costs them (both in finance and time) to “look” successful, you would be shocked at how poor their profits really are.

I’ve personally built a healthy 5 figure sales business and done it with the unleveraged approach used by most of the top agents.

This report is the start of the rest of your real estate career.

Our industry is full of shiny things that look good but don’t work.

The Strategy Session is a seminar for a very limited number of real estate agents. We will be pulling back the curtain on how you can drive more leads into your business and most importantly how you can build a relationship with those people using our leveraged strategies.

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Barry Liddle

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